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Diaper of Daddy's Choice includes elastic waistbands, velcro, leak-proof side panels, super cotton-soft surface, and absorbent core.
Made of cotton diapers are elastic and comfortable caring for delicate skin of babies. 1.5mm thick air-permeable bringing new experiences to babies Dry and clean without side leakage free from worries all night
Diapers of Daddy's Choice are made up of elastic waistbands, leak-proof sidewalls, elastic cotton surface layers, absorbent cores and environment-friendly stickers.
Double-U designs; one-piece designs specially designed for the convenience of babies’ movements; With one-piece design diapers are moderately tight fit and comfortable. Suspended cores micrometer-level air-permeable and waterproof
EDI-purified water ·cotton · XL · thicker · emboss
EDI-pure water: pure and clear no contamination Cotton: soft/skin-friendly large amount of storage water zero allergen reduced stimulus Enlarging:200mm×180mm、super large design、easy to clean
Cotton Tissue
Made of pure plant fiber, it is soft and comfortable to care for baby's delicate skin. Cleaning after warm water moisturizing can reduce the stimulation of cold water to your baby during the cold season.
Natural affinity to protect the young muscles; Dry wet amphibious
Shampoo & Wash
Gentle cleansing, cleansing care in one, delicate care for your baby's delicate skin and soft hair, effectively soothing baby's dry skin and other issues.
Contain no soap base and do not irritate the eyes; Moisturize and reduce moisture loss; Patented ingredients,affinity baby skin; Do not contain hazardous substance, preservatives, fluorescent agent.
Baby Barrier Cream
Forming a protective film on the skin surface helps to reduce skin friction and isolation of urine,designed for your baby with no added anti-corrosive formula, which gently cares for baby's delicate skin.
Moisturizing and protecting, long-lasting water lock; Isolation and nourishment, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory,soothing and repairing.
Baby Repair Cream
Soothing and repairing your baby's delicate skin, specially designed for your baby with no added anti-corrosive formula, which makes your baby's skin feel hydrated and smooth.
A variety of natural Chinese medicines are refined; Natural, gentle,soothing; excluding hormone.
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